Chinese Tablet: Onda V701s


I bought this tablet while I was searching to buy one for a kid as a gift. So, it had to be with normal specifications and not highly expensive. And i found this 7″ tablet and bought it new for only 300yuan (less than 50USD) on the first month of 2015.

The tablet specifications are the following:

Honestly, the tablet isn’t bad considering the price.

Problem presented: After few months of use, i noticed that something inside was not really good attached because everytime you flip or rotate the tablet you can hear and feel that something is moving. But i didn’t care about it since the tablet was still working until recently. The tablet only worked with the charger plugged in and immediately shuts off after unplugging the charger. The only possibly hardware reason for this behavior is because the battery is disconnected.


It’s very easy to disassembly this tablet. This model is different with the V701 (For this model, follow this guide:

  1. Plug your tool between the screen and the back plate as seen in the picture. In the side of the connectors and buttons, there is little tiny hole there.img_20161023_160541
  2. Use the other tool to help you detach slowly this two pieces. Don’t press the screen with your hands since damage it by pressure. Take the screen by the borders.img_20161023_161242
  3. And finally open. As I suspected, the battery wasn’t fixed. The manufacturer only used a little and tiny glue and it already took off.img_20161023_161333
  4. As suspected, because of the detached battery, the cable  (red) broke.img_20161023_161400
  5. Solder it again. Caution: Since a battery is sensitive to temperature, solder it quickly when you are making contact between the cable and the tin. Don’t make contact between the black (negative) and red (positive), this will cause a short circuit and will damage your battery.img_20161023_162402
  6. Take this chance to fix the battery with black insulating tape.
  7. Put back the back plate with pressure to the screen. And finished!


Additional info: I suggest not to update/change the firmware if the tablet is working correctly. There is no need in doing so. If you need to reinstall the firmware for any reason. You can download Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock firmware for Onda V701s tablet from here or from here. (I didn’t uploaded them, and cannot indicate the original source since i found it on several sites). Or you can download the firmware from the official page I indicated at the beginning.

Firmware details
Archive name: V701s Core4_V1.0.1_V9
FW version: Android KitKat 4.4.2 stock


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